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Columbus Real Estate
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Lancaster Foreclosure
Condo Reduced # 522
Lancaster Foreclosure Condo For Sale

Zip 43130 Lancaster

Real Estate for Columbus and Central Ohio, Freddie Mac Bank Owned Homes, Buyers Agents, School Reports, Relocation Packages and Fannie Mae HUD Real Estate For Sale.

Why use Clifford Realtors

When you are searching for Foreclosure Real Estate in Columbus and Central Ohio in many cases we are the Real Estate Company that lists these homes for Freddie Mac. We have foreclosed homes for sale in all of Central Ohio. Unlike many other Companies, we don't just offer you lists of foreclosures, we actually list and sell foreclosed real estate. Here you can deal direct with Clifford Realtors the Company that lists many of these homes for sale. We offer the complete MLS (Multiple Listing Service) including condos, town homes, foreclosures and new homes.

Columbus and Central Ohio Real Estate
Discount Homes Foreclosure Information

Buying Real Estate Foreclosures in most conditions, will save you thousands of dollars while giving you a home that is valued considerable greater than the purchase price. Making an offer to purchase foreclosure real estate, in many cases is easier than buying from a private owned home listing in Central Ohio. While you could save thousands they remain a really good buy.

Freddie Mac foreclosed homes are usually priced well below market and you usually get instant equity. They will pay for your closing costs, if the price is right, but they will not pay for buyers closing costs plus the down. Even if this is added on to the purchase price, they will only consider paying one of these charges. They require a $500.00 up to $1000.00 earnest money check when the offer is made. They do reply to offers in a really short time, usually 24 hours. In many conditions repairs will be made and the homes will be at least comparable to other property in the area.

Each mortgage company has its own individual guidelines so check this out before writing your offer. Most offers do require an earnest money deposit and a pre-approval letter from the buyers mortgage company.
Most mortgage companies will not pay for any inspections or repairs.

A short sale is very different from a foreclosure. This is usually a pre-foreclosure and the mortgage company considers bids that are less than the owners owe on their mortgage. On most short sales, if the mortgage company agrees, the difference on the owed amount and the sale amount is written off by the mortgage company. On a short sale you can not be in any hurry to move. Short sales can and usually do take weeks if not months for the mortgage company to get back with your agent on the offer. If the bottom line is what the mortgage company will accept, they will consider helping with closing costs. Property purchased "AS IS" condition in most situations.

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Don't Sabotage Your Columbus Ohio Conforming Loan

If you're qualified for a Real Estate conforming loan, there's important information you need to know. You can qualify and still be turned down.

A conforming Home loan meets guidelines required by the secondary market that purchases the home loans to package into securities. In other words, the bank loans you money. It sells your loan to entities that buy loan packages. It uses the money it receives to make new loans, keeping the lending market fluid.

Conforming Real Estate loans that aren't in compliance with requirements are more likely to default, creating more risk for secondary market buyers and investors. During the housing downturn beginning in 2007, many loans went into default, causing the secondary market provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to go bankrupt.

The result? Conforming loan requirements got stricter. The Federal Housing Finance Agency created the Uniform Mortgage Data Program to improve the screening of mortgage loans sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

New loan standards were implemented under Fannie Mae's Loan Quality Initiative (LQI), a means of collecting updated electronic appraisal and loan data. While the compliance requirements are directed toward banks and appraisers, consumers are also impacted.

The LQI requires lenders to comply with stricter credit and eligibility standards, pricing guidelines and other criteria to meet Fannie Mae's Selling Guide, or conforming standards.

If a loan doesn't conform to Fannie Mae's guidelines, the bank is unable to sell it, and the loan stays on the bank's books, severely limiting the bank's ability to make new loans.

If the bank can't sell the loan, it doesn't want to make the home loan. That's why it can cancel your "pre-approval" anytime without warning. Innocent actions on your part may disqualify you from the loan you thought you were qualified to receive.

For example, you may get a real estate loan approval for a certain amount, but then you decide to buy new furniture to go in your new house. But that purchase could cause your credit score to dip just enough to put you outside of conforming income-to-debt ratios.

How does the bank know you bought furniture? It pulls your credit reports and scores. The bank has to do this before Fannie Mae catches any "undisclosed liabilities" or discrepancies with the LQI electronic data processing and refuses to buy the loan. That means banks will retrieve your credit reports twice - once to okay the loan, and again to make sure you still quality for a conforming loan.

The bank can also run a Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) report to determine if the borrower has undisclosed liens or if another mortgage is being established simultaneously. For the bank to be certain about you, it runs all three credit bureau reports and credit scores, when it may have only run one report to pre-approve your loan.

Resist the urge to use your credit cards or to sign up for new credit cards while you're trying to buy a home. Pay your card balances per usual, and on time. Ask your lender what you can do to make sure your loan stays on track.

It's better to picnic on the floor for a few days than lose the opportunity to buy the home of your dreams.

Written by: Blanch Evans, edited by Mike Clifford

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