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Five tips for buying a foreclosed home.
  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage
  2. Find an agent specializing in foreclosure
  3. Know how long it takes to sell a home in your price bracket.
  4. Study the sale prices of comparable homes in your buying area.
  5. Remember the sale is for the home as is.

  6. I
    f you have made any offer on any foreclosure, you already know they are very different than buying from a private owner. While they remain a really good buy they have several requirements. 

    On a HUD home most buyers do not know that HUD requires a $500.00 earnest money deposit on any home priced $50,000 and below. On a HUD home priced over $50,000 HUD requires a $1,000 earnest money deposit. This is due when the buyer writes the offer. They will however help with closing costs and down payment. Property usually purchased “AS IS” condition. 

    A short sale is very different from a foreclosure. This is usually a pre-foreclosure and the mortgage company considers bids that are less than the owners owe on their mortgage. On most short sales, if the mortgage company agrees, the difference on the owed amount and the sale amount is written off by the mortgage company. On a short sale you can’t be in any hurry to move. Short sales can and usually do take weeks if not months for the mortgage company to get back with your agent on the offer.  If the bottom line is what the mortgage company will accept, they will consider closing costs and buyers down. 

    Freddie Mac owned properties are usually priced well below market and you usually get instant equity. They will pay for your closing costs, if the price is right, but they will not pay for buyers closing costs plus the down. Even if this is added on to the purchase price, they will only consider paying one of these charges. They require a $500.00 earnest money check when the offer is made also. They do reply to offers in a really short time, usually 24 hours. They will consider some repairs if the inspector or its mortgage required. 

    Each mortgage company has its own individual guidelines so check this out before writing your offer. Most do require an earnest money deposit and a pre-approval letter from the buyers’ mortgage company.  

    Most mortgage companies will not pay for any inspections, repairs and they require an earnest money deposit when you write your offer.

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